EU hasn’t lost interest in the WB

Tomas Silberhorn

In an interview with Pobjeda daily, Germany’s State Secretary in the Ministry of Defense, Thomas Silberhorn, noted that the European Union, EU, hasn’t lost interest in the Western Balkans, WB.

He said: “The EU has been always stating that the region is of crucial strategic importance for Europe. We do not want the region to become a source of instability. Instead, we are going to support you on your road towards a more prosperous future.”

The Western Balkans is, he added, in the heart of Europe, from geographical, cultural and historical perspective as well.

“The future of the region is in Europe. Europe doesn’t want to exclude anyone. We welcome anyone who respects our common values and who’s ready to contribute to and at the same time gain benefit from peaceful and prosperous future of our continent,” Mr Silberhorn noted.

According to him, neither the EU nor some specific member states lost the interest in the Balkans.

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