EU is the most important Montenegro’s partner, says Đurović

The European Union, EU, hasn’t given up on the Western Balkans, WB, and it still represents the main Montenegro’s partner, a professor at the Faculty of Economy and ex-minister of European integrations, Ms Gordana Đurović, clarifies for CdM. She believes Montenegro needs to keep up with the reforms.

“It’s about six chapters and it’s feasible to close them in the next year or two years; one to open and then bring chapters 23 and 24 to an end. This completely confirms the fact we have an active agenda and dialogue with the EU. Therefore, we must not stop now but rather work even more to improve what’s been suggested in the EC Report,” Ms Đurović says.

On President Đukanović’s recent statement that the EU needs to integrate the WB as soon as possible in order to protect the region from the Russian and Chinese impact, she says that no one rejects investors from different parts of the world, but the message had rather political and security connotation, given from the perspective of a main partner.

She wishes to believe the Balkans can’t be neglected and that it remains the EU’s topmost priority.

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