EUR 790 mil for urgent road/rail construction

Vlada Crne Gore

The National Investment Commission shortlisted six projects worth a total of EUR 789.66 million as their top priorities when it comes to transport, and said half of them is due to start next year.

These are bypass roads over Budva and Tivat, Verige bridge, reconstruction of the railway from Bar to the border with Serbia, parts of the Bar-Boljare highway between Matesevo and Andrijevica, and the expansion of Tivat Airport.

The government intends to fund projects according to the recommended public-private partnership model in order to minimize its share in the investment.

Because of its strategic relevance, the topmost priority goes to the reconstruction of Bar-Vrbnica railway shared with Serbia, a project worth 40 million euros.

The largest infrastructure project in Montenegro, the Bar-Boljare highway, will continue with the works on the Mateševo-Andrijevica section, whose estimated value is EUR 294.8 million.

Works within the project of the Adriatic-Ionian highway, that is, the high-speed road along the Montenegrin coast, will begin next year with the bypass road around Budva. So far, two “packages” have been proposed; first is a 7.7 km roundabout, five kilometers of lanes and access roads worth 139.3 million euros, and the second “package” – a 4.5 km roundabout road with loops and access roads totalling 5.5 kilometers. This second project is worth 76.2 million euros and could start at the earliest in three years.

Another project related to the Adriatic-Ionian highway is directly related to the solution of traffic issues in the Bay of Kotor. The works here are estimated at 124.36 million euros.

The estimated cost of reconstructing the main road from Pluzine to the border crossing (Scepan Polje) with Bosnia and Herzegovina amounts to about 70 million euros.

Tivat Airport should be significantly improved with a planned project worth 55 million euros.

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