Fate of MA must be known by May at the latest

Tax Administration is obligated to resolve all reprogram of tax debt requests by the end of May this year, it was said to Pobjeda daily from the Ministry of Finance, as a response to a question of Montenegro Airlines 15 million EUR debt.

The Law states that companies that used state aid, among which is MA and Railway, do not have a right to reprogram of debt, but Tax Administration accepted consideration of their requests. Tax Administration has already processed 6.000 requests, and the results will be known next week.

“The Law was passed with two goals. The first is to collect tax debt while giving favorable conditions to debtors. The other is to differentiate healthy taxpayers from those who are not able to use the rights in accordance with this Law. In the end, everyone should be clear on the fact that there can be no business activity without paying taxes”, the Ministry said.

Taxpayers who have not submitted request for reprogram are liable for enforced collection of debt.

Tax Administration director Miomir M. Mugosa said that within next five years there should 200 million EUR of collected debt, and for this year the projection is at 29 million. He said strict measures would be taken against those who have not submitted reprogram requests.

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