First joint session of the two Governments confirmed their friendship

Marković i Rama u Skadru (Foto: Twitter Vlada CG)

First joint session of the Government of Montenegro and the Government of Albania, took place in Shkodër this morning. It confirmed friendship between the two countries and.

“The fact that this is actually the first joint session that the Government of Montenegro organizes with some other country confirms our friendship, very strong bonds between our nations and determination to keep cherishing friendly relationship. Since last year we’re allies in the NATO alliance, which is another confirmation of our good relations”, said the Prime Minister of Montenegro, Duško Marković.

Both countries share the same priority objective – EU membership.

Marković expressed readiness of our country to establish even closer cooperation with Albania since Montenegro is very dedicated to regional cooperation.

“Continuous communication will result in signing several agreements today, particularly regarding fight against cross border crime, migrant crisis, use of the EU funds for the modernization of border crossings, public administration, education, tourism and so on”, said Marković.

Marković emphasized the importance of national minorities for the cooperation of Montenegro and Albania.

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