Fiscalization will increase budget revenue

Darko Radunović

Draft Law on Fiscalization in the Turnover of Goods and Services, which is to be applied starting from next year, could contribute to the increase in state budget between €13 million and €17 million at annual level, it was said during Parliament discussion.

Minister of Finance, Mr Darko Radunović, said that everybody was optimistic about the application of this law.

“We won’t start anything until we are ready. Officers have to undergo training, software developers of Tax Administration  are also putting in great effort. We’re doing a good job”, said Mr Radunović.

He said that the trial period would show how the system functioned. He added that fiscalization system would cost the taxpayers from €4 million to €5 million.

“Total Tax Administration reform costs €14 million. These will be the greatest servers in Montenegro ever. Servers with great capacities, able to process million of transactions in one day”, said Mr Radunović.

The tender with the World Bank is going to be submitted very soon.

Member of SD, Mr Boris Mugoša, thinks that the law is important as it will replace the outdated system which is based on fiscal cash registers.

“We must focus on the revenues and the zone of grey economy. According to the projections, fiscalization system will increase budget revenues at annual level. This system will enable more accurate data which we’ll be able to compare and it will provide more efficient inspection supervision”, said Mr Mugoša.

Mr Nikola Rakočević, from DPS, said that increase in revenues and better insight into the turnover of all companies in Montenegro were key advantages of the proposed solution.

Independent member of Parliament, Mr Aleksandar Damjanović, said that grey economy remained serious problem.

“One third of our economy is in the grey zone. There are two key items to be addressed: disabling fictitious invoices and tackling the painful issue of double cash registers”, said Mr Damjanović.

Mr Branko Radulović, from DF, called on the citizens to always take the fiscal receipts.

“Otherwise, you will be taken part of your healthcare and education, while somebody else is investing into their villas”, said Mr Radulović.

Member of Socialist Democratic Party, Mr Raško Konjević, said that his party would vote for the proposed law, as it would bring more order and increase budget revenues. However, he pointed out that we should bear in mind other areas which also need to be addressed.


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