“Flydubai” won’t fly from Podgorica anymore


Airline company “Flydubai” will withdraw from Montenegro until next year, and during this winter season, it will reduce number of flights for Belgrade and Skopje and start with direct departures for Zagreb.

This well-known airline, with the seat in Dubai, will not come back to Podgorica this winter which will result in its absence from the Montenegrin market. However, according to the announcements, “Flydubai” will open season line for Tivat next year.

Flights to Podgorica operated two times a week and the company also had right to sell tickets between Podgorica and Sarajevo. This means, that flight to the capitals of both Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina will be called off.

“Flydubai” is currently operating flights to Dubrovnik, which is a summer route with maximum four flights per week. We realized that this line is very popular, business class in particular, and Dubrovnik will remain on the destination list, during summer only”, said the representatives of this company.

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