Foreign investors in MNE own €1bn in stocks

Central Depository Agency of Montenegro, CDA, has recorded that foreigners own over 20 per cent of all securities in Montenegro in the nominal amount of around €1 billion. This is clearly suggested in the 2018 Annual Report of CDA, i.e. the Central Depository and Clearing Company of Montenegro, CKDD, writes Dan, a daily.

The Italian investors are leaders when it comes to owning securities in Montenegro. The nominal value of stocks owned by them is estimated at €227,673,964, making up 4.63 per cent of the total value of all securities registered at CKDD.

The Italians are followed by investors from Austria (they possess stocks worth €198,580,126), Hungary (€137,918,279), Croatia (€114,311,824), Serbia (€108,174,217), Slovenia (€67,392,979), Cyprus (€67,327,335), Turkey (€61,165,254), Japan (€25,851,734) and Switzerland (€23,182,538).

The total nominal value of securities owned by foreigners is €1,031,578,255, which accounts for 20.97% of the total value of all securities registered in CKDD.

The CKDD analysts noted that the Report was prepared on 31 December 2018 based on the personal financial statement, whereas the custodial accounts were not taken into account due to non-existence of analytics.





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