FZO paid €7.75m to private pharmacies


The Health Insurance Fund, FZO, paid EUR 7.75 million to the local private pharmacies by the end of September, while Montefarm pharmacies (state-owned pharmacies) dispensed medications in the total value of EUR 16.709 million.

Head of the FZO, Sead Čirgić, told that from January to September 2018 private pharmacies dispensed drugs for almost 1.8 million prescriptions, while the Montefarm pharmacies had 1,866.791 prescriptions.

Čirgić explained that people mostly bought medications for treating blood pressure, then hypertension drugs, stomach, diabetes and pain medications.

“The most popular medications were Monopril Plus, Presolol and Ranitidin tablets, Siofor and Rapten Duo,” concluded Čirgić.

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