German government: No Balkan border changes

German government hasn’t changed its stance over the Western Balkans’ borders, and this attitude was repeated in the recent talks that Angela Merkel had with the US president, Donald Trump.

“Chancellor Angela Merkel reiterated that the territorial integrity of the states of the Western Balkans has been established and is inviolable. The Federal Government still believes the same. It strongly supports EU-mediated dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina,“ German Government reported.

According to them, the accession negotiations between Montenegro and EU go well but the German Federal Government remains firm – candidate countries must meet requirements before joining the EU.

„The overall progress of the accession negotiations is determined by the progress in the area of the rule of law,“ the German government suggested.

Upon the invitation of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Montenegro Prime Minister Duško Marković paid an official visit to Germany several days ago.

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