Germany remains committed to supporting Montenegro

Vice-president of the Government for economic policy and financial system, Mr Milutin Simović, received today member of the Executive Board of the Deutsche Bundesbank, Mr Burkharda Balza, who is staying in Montenegro on the occasion of marking the twinning project “Support for the regulation of financial services”.

Mr Simović expressed satisfaction with the meeting and thanked German bank for continuous and generous support it offers to the Central Bank of Montenegro. He congratulated on successfully completed twinning project carried out under the leadership of the Bank.

Mr Simović pointed out indirect German support for the decision of the Administrative council of the European Central Bank on the establishment of the new financial instrument, EUREP, which will enable Montenegro to apply for funds to support systemic liquidity of the Montenegrin financial sector.

While emphasizing German continuous support for Montenegro on its European path in crucial decisions, Mr Simović stressed that such support was necessary now when Montenegro “intends to revise its integration and overall reform processes”.

Mr Burkhard Balz thanked Mr Simović for the organization of the meeting and confirmed that German bank would remain committed to tight cooperation with Central Bank of MNE.

Mr Balz said that he “is very happy that Montenegro has opened its last negotiating chapter”. We, bankers, will provide all the necessary support for MNE”, Mr Balz pointed out and wished Montenegro success in the negotiation process.

Mr Simović and Mr Balz exchanged experiences of their countries in fight against coronavirus and expressed hope that countries would fight together.

“We are now dealing with the spread of the virus which has been imported, while at the same time trying not to close our economy. We can get through this as well”, Mr Simović said.


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