Gjenero: Serbia is implementing Russia’s policy in Balkans


Declaration on preserving the Serbian nation in the Balkans is Serbian authorities’ great geopolitical concession to Russia, so as to increase Serbian, that is, Russian influence in the Balkans, Croatian political analyst Davor Gjenero told Pobjeda.

Gjenero said that the document wouldn’t bring anything good to any of the countries in the region.

The declaration will be presented to the parliaments of Serbia and Republika Srpska (Serb entity in Bosnia-Herzegovina) in November, their leaders stated after the meeting held in Belgrade on Saturday. Serbian president Aleksandar Vucic, Serbian PM Ana Brnabic, president of Republika Srpska Milorad Dodik and PM of Republika Srpska Zeljka Cvijanovic said that a team for drafting the declaration on preserving Serbian nation had been formed.

Gjenero said that by employing such policies, Serbia was constantly balancing on a knife’s edge, playing to Russia’s interest. Russia’s only goal is to destabilise the region.

Gjenero brought to mind Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov’s recent statement. Lavrov said Russia wished to establish four neutral states in the Balkans, under Serbian, that is, Russian influence. This referred to Montenegro, Macedonia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Serbia.

“Thus, the case of withdrawing Serbian ambassador from Skoplje becomes clear. Actually, Macedonia should be prevented from entering NATO by all means. That is an attempt by Serbian government to establish a kind of asymmetrical relations in the Balkans under the auspices of Russia,” Gjenero said.

He adds that the declaration cannot destabilise Montenegro.

“Montenegro has the best position – it is a stable country and the alliance member. However Bosnia-Herzegovina and Macedonia have not joined NATO yet and they are endangered by such activities. The fact that the risks are not recognised either in Brussels or in Slovenia and Croatia makes the situation even more dangerous,” Gjenero says.

Commenting on the announcement that Montenegrin politicians suspected of terrorism attempt on 16 October 2016 may be included in the team drafting the declaration, Gjenero said that it was a proof that the Russian jigsaw puzzle in the region is being put together.

“This is a part of Russia’s game the scope of which Brussels is not aware of,” Gjenero said.

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