God forbid Montenegro starts with 21 May 2006

Dragoslav Šćekić

Vice-President of the Socialist People’s Party and President of the Municipality of Berane, Mr Dragoslav Šćekić, said in the interview for Pobjeda that all parliamentary parties should take part in election legislation reforms and be part of consensus. He said that opposition might return to the Committee on Reform of Electoral and Other Legislation, but with clearly defined roles. He points out that attitude of SPP towards statehood is unquestionable. However, 21 May hasn’t brought about the desirable reconciliation. And he said: “God forbid Montenegro starts with 21 May 2006!”

The government in Berane is stable unlike municipalities at the seaside, where the government is falling apart. Mr Ščekić says that the government has to be responsible to their voters.

“I’m very sorry about the situation in Kotor. Those who provoked such chaos should ask themselves whether any function or interest is more important than the citizens’ interests. What Ms Bruna Lončarević did was a prove that personal interests are most important. This is a classic example of political corruption. We, in Berane, are aware of the fact that citizens are most important. We have set a task of cooperating with our citizens, for the god of all of us These days, Berane is becoming a huge construction site. We want to bring our town closer to modern European areas”, said Mr Šćekić.

Mr Šćekić says that no technical government in which opposition representatives would be just supernumeraries can come into consideration.

“Technical government with a deadline shorter than one year is unacceptable for us. As Mr Aivo Orav said, our state needs new legislation with the engagement of all parliamentary subjects. That’s the attitude we should rely on”, pointed out Mr Šćekić.

According to him, the whole process entails assuming direct responsibility for the preparation of electoral opportunities.

“One year is a minimum that lets opposition representatives to make a deal on their roles and tasks. That includes carrying out staff policy, i.e. appointing directors or chiefs depending on the government departments. Previous experience can’t serve as an example”, said Mr Šćekić.

Commenting on the statement made by Mr Vladimir Joković who said that Independence day wasn’t a historical date, the first man of Berane said that Mr Joković is an exceptional man, who loves this state.

“Only a man like him could be the head of SPP following the greatest crisis in our political history. I claim that Mr Vladimir Joković never said anything like that”, said Mr Ščekić.

He points out that nobody has ever said that Montenegro wasn’t their state.

“Speaking of 21 May, I have to say that this date hasn’t brought about reconciliation. Instead, it serves representatives of the government in making divisions of any kind”, said Mr Šćekić.

Should people be reminded of the 13 July 1878 when our state got international recognition for being 27th independent state in the world?

“Or the 13 July uprising? Are these dates and years less important than 21 May? I don’t think so. You should interpret Mr Joković statement in the context of the fact that there are many important dates in the history of Montenegro. We don’t want anybody to label us as enemies of Montenegro. We aren’t enemies of Montenegro and we have never been and we’ll never be. Montenegro is ours”, concluded Mr šćekić.


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