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By Ljubomir Filipović, CDM analyist

New front within new majority?

Many Montenegrin towns were celebrating their holidays last weekend, and congratulations showered from everywhere. However, new conflict line within new majority was a surprise for many. After Mr Miodrag Daka Davidović formed a new political subject, Mr Zdravko Krivokapić and he exchanged some confronting statements in relation to the participation of some ministers in Mr Davidović’s new project. So far, there has been an impression that Mr Davidović and Mr Krivokapić are close and represent the cornerstone of the political wing of the church. Seems like prime minister-designate can only rely on Mr Abazović, Mr Milačić and the so-called social media memers. Mr Medojević has denounced formation of the new political subject as a road to the “middle ages”.

Abazović thinks that formation of the new government does not jeopardize values of the civil and secular state

U think Mr Abazović has said enough. If Ms Bratić, Leposavić and the others are reflection of those values…may he just be healthy.

One thing in Podgorica, the other in Belgrade

Serbian Patriarch, Mr Irinej, was buried in Belgrade yesterday. Montenegrin Delegation attended the funeral, although very disorganized and disunited. Although there were some omissions in the protocol, this time prime minister-designate was wearing a mask. The only one who failed to adhere to health protocols and was criticized by Serbian media was Mr Marko Milačić, leader of the Real Montenegro. DPS asked a good question: “Does MrKrivokapić care more about the health of Serbian citizens?”

Montenegrins in decimals and fractions

Comment made by my dear professor and head of Matica Crnogorska, Mr Dragan Rdaulović, was very interesting. He compared the two funerals: “Serbia is a serious state, and Serbs don’t have to prove how Serbian they are to anyone. And now see yourselves, Montenegrins, in decimals and fractions?” The coffin in Belgrade was closed, there was not theatrical memorial service in the hospital and the majority of the officials were wearing masks. Montenegrins have to prove themselves to everybody.

Most-read last week

Changes in Bosnia and reactions to Mr Abazović’s congratulatory note, what will Independence Square look like, Božo Spartanac… are some of the topics that attracted the most attention last week.

View from Budva

DF Budva is accusing komiti for the spread of the virus, forgetting that their leader was spreading fake news about the pandemic in the summer, and claimed that people received money for hospital admittance. Apart from that, Budva is the only town that proclaimed a day of mourning.

At the same time, MANS is monitoring the continuation of asphalting process. This NGO sees conflict of interests in 14 projects carried out by the new government in Budva.

Mr Nikola Divanović, former mayor of Budva from the lines of DPS, responded sharply to Mr Carević’s accusations, calling him “a janissary of Saint Sava”.

Recommendations for reading

Mr Andrej Nikolaidis gave a nice interview for Autonomija site. Mr Miko Živković made a good comment on political actions of URA. And you also have a nice text by Mr Stefan Todorović for Antena M.

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