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By Ljubomir Filipović, CDM analyst

New government on the first parliamentary test

Mr Zdravko Krivokapić will soon present his exposition to the MPs. After the discussion, Mr Krivokapić will become Montenegrin prime minister. The first since the introduction of multi-party system who does not come from DPS lines.

With micro members of the coalition, Demos and Workers’ party, all parties of the new majority have adopted official decisions and it is certain that there won’t be any surprises today. But we’d better wait, since this government is full of surprises.

Diplomatic crisis

Serbian analysts have commented on the situation related to the Serbian ambassador in Montenegro and stated that this is a directed role-plying show. Mr Boško Jakšić thinks that Mr Božović’s intention was to provoke an incident. Journalist Jakša Šćekić has similar opinion.

Mr Draško Đuranović has given his comment to Pobjeda. He tied Mr Várhelyi’s behavior with stable relations and joint projects of the authorities in Serbia and Hungary.

Newly-formed Twitter use, Mr Milan Knežević, congratulated 1 December, the “Day of the Union” and invited minister Darmanović to expel him too. Look like Mr Knežević has proclaimed himself as official representative of Serbia’s interests in Montenegro. That’s weird, we would never guess.

Reactions of the former head of diplomacy, Mr Branko Lukovac and Ms Ana Brnabić, Serbia’s Prime Minister, are quite interesting as well. Even president of the European Movement in Montenegro, Mr Momčilo Radulović, stated that EU commissioner had made a mistake in equalizing the victim and the one who perpetrates violence.

High functionary of the International Republican Institute, has commented on the situation in Montenegro for VOA and pointed out that Serbia-Montenegro relations would significantly improve after the formation of the new government.

Podgorica concerns

Conceptual design for the reconstruction of the Independence Square in Podgorica has sparked reaction of a part of the public, prompting many activists to attack the city administration. The campaign of ridiculing the design has been popular for around a week. The first to five a very articulated explanation on Facebook was DPS councilor, Mr Stefan Ćulafić. The Mayor himself was even more aggressive in emphasizing the need for the re-design of the square. Following the social media reactions, Democrats called on the opposition to gather to provide political form to the dissatisfaction.

Awakening of the ghosts of the past

Chancellor of the diocese in Kotor, Mr Robert Tonsati, has talked about the impression speech of the bishop Atanasije Jevtić has conveyed. Bishop Jevtić spoke negatively about the Catholic church.

Although Mr Tonsati didn’t mention it, the change of the political situation in Montenegro has brought about the sense of return to those ugly times of the 1990s. Yesterday we wrote about the CEDEM research and the level of intolerance in the society. Hate campaign aimed at minorities and to what is different, has provoked unease among those who are not part of the ideology that is dominant among the leaders of the new government.

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