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By Ljubomir Filipović, CdM analyst

Debt to the Serbian church returned, now what?

After the performance in the Parliament two days ago, it seems that we are still not sure whether the law will come into force at all. After incredible pressure on the State Election Committee (DIK), and after ignoring the procedures, the EU reacted at the meeting with the DPS representatives, sending an unequivocal message that the institutional processes must be respected. DPS MP Mr Papović announced the possibility that President Đukanović will not sign the law, without which it cannot enter into force.

URA and DF celebrated the passing of the law. URA said that now the reconciliation can come into force. The only thing that is left to be done is that they let us know who is excluded from the reconciliation. DF was more specific and said that here we had the victory of the people over lawlessness.

The Bosniak party protested because the parliament refused to discuss their proposal for a resolution on Srebrenica.

Due to the passing of the law flags in Montenegro were lowered to half-mast, just like here on the monument to the rebels from 1919.

The ombudsman criticized the parliament’s ignoring and discrimination against the CPC.

Yesterday, the police invited speakers from the patriotic gathering in front of the Parliament for interviews. Mr Nemanja Batrićević, one of the spontaneous speakers, addressed the public.

The eyes of the regional public are on the events in Montenegro, and Jutarnji list writes that ‘Montenegro is boiling’. A Montenegrin from Belgrade, Mr Nebojša Vučinić, a journalist and activist, writes for CdM and gives his view on the latest events.

Events in the government

(non)business Sunday

The Minister of Economic Development, Mr Jakov Milatović, proposed the abolition of the business Sunday, but due to the reaction of the public and politicians of the new majority, he was overvoted by the populist majority in the government. I think it is time for him and Minister Srzentić to quickly think about saving their credibility and leaving the government, which is becoming more and more political and less and less expert. They do have the credibility to lose, unlike others.

Removal of the Chief of General Staff

The President of the Parliament, Mr Aleksa Bečić announced on Twitter that the Prime Minister and him, as members of the National Security Council, initiated the removal of the Chief of the General Staff and addressed it to the President for ‘further action’.

The return of Irena Radović?

The alleged appointment of Ms Irena Radović to the position of the head of the IRF provoked violent reactions in the new majority. This is in part also politically understandable, as Ms. Radović became an oppositionist only a few years ago when she had encountered obstacles within the DPS and felt discriminated against.

New airline?

Minister Mladen Bojanić announced that the new airline will be called 2 Montenegro and that it will have a red-blue logo. And if it comes to fit nicely on a white background, there you’ll have a tricolor flag like in Air Serbia.

Deputy Prime Minister for celebrations and threats

After Mr Abazović has celebrated the arrest of Ambassador Šegrt on Twitter, and apparently after reading these morning writings of ours, he literally understood the message ‘perfume after soap only’ and presented government employees with soap for the new year. Mr. Abazović, we were speaking figuratively, and we did not have the government employees in mind, but ideologically tainted members of URA and coalition partners.

Storm in Budva

An unprecedented storm in Budva flooded the streets of the old town, took away New Year’s decorations, and worst of all, took to the sea the symbol of Budva, a sculpture of a dancer/ballerina, a gift from Belgrade sculptor Gradimir Aleksić to Budva dating back from 1966. Obviously, the time has come for a new Budva, where there is no place for beauty.

It was enough for today. Enjoy the rest of it.

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