Government of Montenegro: Friendship between MNE and USA strong and permanent

Friendship and alliance with USA is strong and permanent. We build friendships and haven’t lost a single one, and we are able to courageously and defensively protect and defend our own national interests, the Government of Montenegro stated after yesterday’s statement of the US president, Donald Trump, who said people in Montenegro are extremely strong but aggressive, which might lead to a Third World War.

“Montenegro’s proud of its history, tradition and peaceful politics, which made it a stabilizing state of the region and the only one that didn’t wage war during Yugoslavia breakup. Our country embraced and protected 120,000 affected individuals and families,” the govt noted.

The gov also emphasized that Montenegro was the first in Europe to resist the fascism, and today as a new Nato member state, and a candidate for the EU membership, it contributes to peace and stability, not only in Europe but worldwide, along with the US soldiers in Afghanistan.

In today’s world, it doesn’t matter how big or small you are, but to what extent you cherish the values of freedom, solidarity and democracy,” concluded the Montenegrin govt.

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