Government will take on the responsibilities of Montenegro Airlines

Montenegro Airlines

Decision of the Government to pay the airport tax instead of the future concessionaire of Airports is expected, since it wants to charge in advance 100 million EUR from concessions, says economic analyst Vasilije Kostić.

“If that’s a good or bad decision, we can’t say at this moment, considering that the intention is obviously to attract the concessionaire. I could say that if you request advance payment in that amount, it’s expected that you offer some kind of insurance against something that’s pure fact, and can significantly impact the risk the concessionaire assumes”, says Kostić.

The Government said in the draft of the concession act that it would reduce the risk exposure of the concessionaire regarding the failure of Montenegro Airlines to pay airport services in such a way that the country compensates for the money the concessionaire fails to collect from that company. That means that the Government and the Ministry will provide the concessionaire with specific mechanisms of reduction and elimination in case MA fails to pay the services.

The total loss of MA amounts 76,5 million EUR and ever since 2014, it has been in constant increase. Also, total assets of Montenegro Airlines is reducing. At the end of last year it amounted 48,7 million EUR. As media report, MA owes more than 20 million EUR to Airports.

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