Govt ready to alleviate fuel price increase

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Economy Minister Dragica Sekulic will inform the members of the government at a session on Thursday about the new prices of petroleum products in Montenegro, whose growth in yesterday’s calculation has caused the increase in the value of oil derivatives on the world stock market, as well as the strengthening of the dollar against the euro.

“The government monitors developments on the international market and, and if they happen to threaten Montenegrin economy and citizens, we will take necessary measures to mitigate possible negative effects, of which we will promptly inform the public”, the Ministry of Economy announced.

Calculation of the maximum allowed values ​​of petroleum products is done by the Ministry of Economy every other Monday, for the previous 10 working days. This means that the price movements in the international market will determine the level of eventual price correction in Montenegro in this and next week.

The Ministry will announce the next calculation on June 11th.

New prices:

Diesel + seven cents = 1.30 eur/l

BMB 98 + three cents = 1.44 eur/l

BMB 95 + four cents = 1.41 eur/l

Oil + six cents = 1.26 eur/l.

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