Govt’s selectivity in action: When they’re ours, we react, when theirs, we stay silent

Terrible threats were sent to CdM political observer Ljubomir Filipović and organizers of the patriotic rallies two days ago and no one from executive power has reacted so far. Neither the Ministry of Interior nor the National Police. However, the Government of Montenegro and PM Zdravko Krivokapić strongly condemned threats sent to the Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sports Vesna Bratić on that same day. Is it that the government is being selective?

Photo: CdMAccording to the assessment of a civic activist, Aleksandar Zeković, hate speech is being fueled both on social media and portals on a daily basis, and the government is not even trying to boost the general social understanding and acceptance of diversity. As a matter of fact, I would say that it [government] is most responsible for this mayhem in public space and public speech, Mr Zeković tells CdM.

It’s wrong and harmful to react selectively when it comes to violations of rights. “Regardless of all our differences, we must not accept or reconcile with the strategy ‘when they are ours, we react, when they are theirs, we stay silent because they deserve it’ they’re imposing. The Government of Montenegro often does it.”

Aleksandar Saša Zeković

He also assesses that media literacy and affirmation of tolerance should exist not only in the interest of citizens, but would help that a good part of the government feels safer than is now the case.

Mr Zeković urges the people of Montenegro to report on every human rights violations.


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