Great Albania isn’t supported by every Albanian politician

Nikola Gegaj

Functionary of the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS), Mr Nikola Gegaj, said in the interview for Dan that his party was preparing for the next elections, that they had rejuvenated the staff and added that opposition members weren’t their opponents but rather competitors. He says that Montenegro isn’t threatened with some grate projects such as “Great Albania”.

Elections within the party have been held. After staff restructuring, is DPS ready for next parliamentary elections?

Mr Gegaj: DPS is a very stable political subject. Apart from organization, who performs functions at central and local level is very important for us. In that con text, elections within the party are crucial. Members of DPS are ordinary people, who are facing real life every day, and working on the improvement of general living conditions.

Therefore, I’m happy to say that our committees have been refreshed. Parliamentary elections are very important for the political parties, citizens and country and our approach to elections is, therefore, comprehensive. We are following actions of the opposition, we appreciate good things they advocate for and we are always ready to cooperate. Finally, we have much better political offer for citizens of Montenegro and international community.

Does that project, “Great Albania” really exist? Does that whole story have an impact on the relations between Serbs and Albanians in Montenegro?

Mr Gegaj: I don’t know to what degree that impact is, but we all know that it’s a negative one and that it doesn’t help Montenegro. I will say once again that “Great Albania” is a very vague project of distant past which is present now in traces in order to incite hatred and create discord in Montenegro. Only marginal politicians talk about it. DPS is committed to preservation of peace and multi-ethnic harmony in Montenegro.

Specific opposition politicians claim that all Albanian politicians in Montenegro endorse the project of “Great Albania”?

Mr Gegaj: That’s a downright lie. Such statements are so frivolous and tendentious that they don’t even deserve any comment. Montenegro isn’t threatened with some great state projects. Albanian people in Montenegro have always been loyal and made contribution to its development.

After many years, DPS became opposition in Tuzi. What does it look like from your perspective?

Mr Gegaj: We didn’t see that as debacle. Voters decide the government. Individually, we are the strongest political subject in the municipality of Tuzi, we have most mandates. However, we didn’t have enough votes for the government. The post-election situation is a great and valuable experience. For serious politicians, being opposition is not a shame. Democratic system in the world is formed on the basis of the government and opposition.

What do you think about the achievements of the government in Tuzi so far?

Mr Gegaj: I think it’s too early to comment although I still don’t see any significant progress. There’s still time for them to show what they can do.


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