Gvozdenović: DPS will suggest solutions and reforms

Branimir Gvozdenović

It’s important that the opposition actively participates in the work of the Committee on Comprehensive Reform of Electoral and Other Legislation, and with no delays. We will be patient and work on preparing laws in order to avoid geting caught in a trap and thus be late for reforms. But I hope that in the end we’ll propose the Parliament some concrete solutions together with the opposition parties. Soon we’ll find out who’s in favor of the reforms and who argues for obstruction. Finally, the Democratic Party of Socialists, DPS, alone or with other parties, is going to propose reform solutions, Mr Branimir Gvozednović, deputy parliament speaker and chair of the Committee on Comprehensive Reform of Electoral and Other Legislation, told in an interview for Pobjeda daily.

He had a clear message for the opposition – participation in the executive power “has to be earned in the elections and only elections”.

When asked to comment on behavior of the opposition’s members who had left the third session of the Committee, Mr Gvozednović said: “In my opinion, their action was incorrect as we’d accepted all their requests before scheduling the session.”

As for the deadline for much needed electoral reform (until 15 Nov.) and whether there’s a possibility to extend it, he said: “Only with the everyday work we can achieve the desired results. My invitation to the opposition parties to come and take part in the work of the Committee remains open. In this regard, I’ve convened the Committee’s session on 23 Sept. at 3 pm. Future Committee’s sessions will be arranged after consultations with its members just as was the case until now.”



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