High Court hasn’t issued written production of the coup attempt verdict yet

Suzana Mugoša (Foro: Arhiva Dnevnih novina)

Verdict in the coup attempt case was passed more than three months ago. However, it hasn’t been written yet.

“Written production of the verdict hasn’t been issued yet. Deadline for issuing written production of the verdict is one month from the day it was passed. In more complex cases, it might take two months and even longer”, said the representatives of High Court.

In this case, President of the Chamber, judge Suzana Mugoša, informed the president of the court that she wouldn’t be able to issue written production of the verdict within the established deadline due to huge volumes of evidence and complexity of the case.

Lawyers have said earlier that issuing written production of the verdict could take some time.

Thirteen persons charged for plotting terrorist attack on the day of parliamentary elections in 2016 were found guilty to all charges and sentenced to a total of 69 years in prison.


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