Holiday bookings in private accommodation dropped by 30%


Tourism industry executives from Budva have been pretty satisfied with this year’s summer season. They believe the postseason will bring more revenues, thus exceeding €1bn. As for the next year’s season, they suggest more focus on fighting grey economy. While tourists enjoy the sunshine during September, the tourism industry executives are summing up the impressions…

Žarko Radulović, the president of the Montenegro Tourist Association, says: “This year’s summer season has been better than the one last year. The situation in July and August was the same as the last year’s, whereas pre-and-postseason have been significantly better this year. We have earned much more money than last year and we assume we’ll collect around €1bn, and also €300-400 million of unregistered cash flow.”

Contrary to hotels, private accommodation has recorded a 30% decrease, says a representative of tourist agency, Petar Ivković. The main reason for such a situation, according to him, lies in the fact that many tourists fled to price-competitive destinations.

Tourism workers firmly believe the postseason will generate expected revenues and thus fill in the budget gaps from July and August.

“Postseason has been as extraordinary as the preseason and it’s how we’ve expected it to be. Our wishes come true,” concludes Radulović.







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