If there happen to be any delays in the construction of the highway, the country won’t pay the penalties

Minister of Transport, Osman Nurković, assures that, in case any delays occur in the construction of the Bar – Boljare highway, the country won’t pay penalties, but the contractors will.

Last week at the Parliament, the Minister hinted that the deadline for the construction of the main section of the highway might be extended.

Now he states that only the building contractors can provoke those delays.

“Nobody can be certain about that. We’re not even sure that there will be a delay at all. There are no reasons for the investors to cause delays. But in case delays occur, the country won’t be obliged to pay penalties. According to the contract, contractors will bear these costs”, says Nurković.

When it comes to quality however, Nurković is sure that it will be unquestionable and according to all European standards.

His Serbian counterpart, Zorana Mihailović, said that infrastructural connection means better life for the citizens and every highway is of great importance for the country.

Speaking of the highway on Koridor 11, which will connect Serbia and Montenegro, Mihailović said that a special commission will be formed and it will have the task to determine what will the point of connection be – both across the route in Serbia and across the main route in Montenegro.

Ministers of the two countries also spoke about the joint activities on the repression of grey economy in the area of road traffic, experience that Serbia has with the concession for the airport “Nikola Tesla” which may be useful for the development of airports in Montenegro and about many more subjects of joint interest.

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