IN ADVANCE: A new hotel in Kumbor

The Carine company, owner of hotels Park and Delfin in Bijela, is planning to build a new hotel in Kumbor, right next to Portonovi. It is to be a four-star hotel with 200 and 220 rooms.

“With a reputation of a fast-moving company, we expect the new hotel could be finished by the next season”, owner of Carine, Mr. Cedomir Popovic told Radio Jadran.

Park Hotel was opened on March 25, with mostly German and English guests and a slightly smaller number of the French visitors. Hotel Delfin was opened on April 20. Both hotels today host around 800 guests, but expect to receive over one thousand. They offer two-way airport transfers and many interesting excursions, even to the neighbouring seaside of Croatia.

Whole-day excursions: Đurđevića Tara canyon tour, Skadar Lake tour and ride, all-in-one Montenegro tour, tour of the Montenegrin coast specifically and Dubrovnik.

Half-day excursions are usually to Žanjica beach, Mamula island or cruising the wonderful Bay of Kotor.

“According to all indicators, this season will be better than the previous, at least 20 percent. Preseason and subseason are extremely filled as well”, Mr. Popovic proudly said.

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