It’s official: Spajic will be running for the country’s presidency

Foto: Miraš Dušević/CdM

I’ve never lived in Serbia. I’ve nothing against the State Election Commission (DIK) contacting Singapore, Japan, France and the US because I used to live there, but in Serbia – I didn’t, says the Leader of the Europe Now Movement and presidential candidate, Milojko Spajic.

The Main Board of ‘Europe Now’ has decided unanimously that Mr Spajic should run for the country’s presidency.

“I don’t understand the obsession over Serbia. It’s a political game. Why didn’t they check on some other candidate. The requirements have been set out in the Constitution. I showed the certificate from the Ministry of Internal Affairs suggesting everything’s fine, so if they say it’s okay, I don’t see why to not trust them,” Mr Spajic said at today’s news conference.

He also notes that he expects the support of both the Democrats and the Civic Movement URA, leaving no space for the option not to take part in the second cycle of the presidential election.

“I think some other parties will do the same, including some minority nation parties. It’s important that we don’t act through political leaders but that citizens express their will freely in the election.”

According to him, every day citizens are more interested in their campaign.

“Citizens don’t ask about my residence. They’re interested in the information how to get an average salary of 1.000 euro and minimum salary of 700 euro”.


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