Jokovic convinced in Bojanic’s victory

Vladimir Joković

I am confident that Mladen Bojanic will be the new president of Montenegro. His victory would represent a lot for the development of democracy in our country, said the Socialist People’s Party (SNP) leader Vladimir Jokovic told Pobjeda.

“We must first win this democracy in the upcoming presidential election. That would be the first step towards a just and better Montenegro. Since the first day, SNP has sincerely advocated a unique opposition performance in the presidential elections, ie common candidate to represent the entire opposition. We are confident that Bojanic will be the new president of Montenegro,” Jokovic said.

The withdrawal of Goran Danilovic and Djordjije Blazic convinced him that there is awareness that the opposition is close to the victory.

“We will see whether any other opposition candidates will withdraw in favour of Bojanic. Such an act would be another step towards the victory,” Jokovic believes.

As he concluded, by accepting to be presidential candidate, DPS leader Milo Djukanovic seemed to show others colleagues that the party did not believe in them.

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