Joković: Crisis caused by Jokić’s dismissal must be resolved

Vladimir Joković

I expect the situation provoked by the dismissal of Mr Vladimir Jokić to be faced up accordingly. We must find solution and keep working in accordance with the agreement on Future signed by all opposition members and representatives of the “Resist” movement, says Mr Vladimir Joković, president of Socialist People’s Party.

He pointed out that the newly-formed coalition in Bijelo Polje was formed in order to unite the entire opposition, with the aim of reducing scattered votes in the next parliamentary elections.

“We are taking part in the opposition rallies as much as we can, we are active in the meetings with the opposition colleagues. We are working on uniting the opposition because it’s the best way to achieve good result in the next elections”, said Mr Joković.

President of the Socialist People’s Party, whose members are still boycotting the parliament says that Mr Srđan Milić and Mrs Danijela Pavićević still stick to the decision on boycotting the Assembly.


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