Joković: Prime minister-designate should negotiate with SNP on govt departments


Leaders of the Socialist People’s Party, SNP, and the Movement for Changes, PzP, Mr Vladimir Joković and Mr Nebojša Medojević, told Pobjeda daily that they found the draft allocation of mandates in a new government, in case it was real, proposed by the prime minister-designate, Mr Zdravko Krivokapić, unacceptable.

Mr Joković noted that he had sent a letter to the Prime Minister-designate on Wednesday, requiring negotiations with the SNP on this matter, having in mind the number of seats they won in the elections.

“I urged Krivokapić to negotiate on government departments that are going to be offered to the SNP. We don’t want to be included in the new government as part of the Democratic Front quota or the bloc ‘For the Future of Montenegro’,” he told Pobjeda daily.

He added that he saw the draft allocation of mandates in the media and didn’t know whether it was authentic.

“The SNP won 5 seats and should get the adequate number of departments,” he pointed out.

A statement from the leader of the Movement for Changes, Mr Nebojša Medojević, says that both the DF and the PzP are unsatisfied with the document that the media recently published, stating that Mr Krivokapić doesn’t inform them on his gestures.

“We should have gotten at least ten departments, and even that is below 66 per cent of the power that belongs to us.”

“We will suggest that the Civic Movement URA doesn’t get the Ministry of Defense and the vice-president position for the coordination of all security services in the country, as the PzP should get them. Any other option would be humiliating,” said Mr Medojević, adding that he would vote for any reform-oriented government.

Medojević: Prime minister-designate refused to come to offices of PzP, he chose to communicate via e-mail

Mr Medojević revealed an interesting detail during the negotiation on the formation of a new government for Pobjeda daily.

“The Prime Minister-designate refused to come to our offices even though our caucus comprises five MPs. We communicate via e-mail and that’s why we know nothing about his gestures.”



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