Jovo Suđić elected as new president of Kotor Municipal Assembly

Jovo Suđić(Foto: Skala radio)

DPS councilor, Mr Jovo Suđić, was selected to be the new President of the Municipal Assembly of Kotor.

This decision was brought by assembly majority which consisted of 17 councilors of DPS, Social Democrats, Liberal party, Croatian Civic Initiative and Ms Bruna Lončarević.

The same majority dismissed Ms Dragica Perović on 26 June.

The meeting was held after scandalous events and the decision of Ms Dragica Perović to lock the door of the municipality and prevent the employees from entering.

There’s still no end in sight to the chaos in Kotor. Ms Dragica Perović has scheduled the meeting of the local parliament for 10 July in order to discuss her dismissal.


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