Kalezić: Competent institutions should create conditions for the application of the Law on same sex unions

Kalezić (Foto: PR Centar)

Institutions, society and organizations of civil society should create conditions so that the Law on life community of the persons of same sex, whose adoption is expected at the end of the year, can be applied in practice, said the President of the  Board of directors of the organization “Queer Montenegro”, Danijel Kalezić.

He said that they are all satisfied with the Draft law and pointed out that they had a constructive dialogue with the competent institutions during the design of that document.

“It’s very important now that none of the interested  parties does something that would lead to degradation of the rules that this legal solution contains”, said Kalezić.

Speaking of the current punishment policy which applies to bullies, Kalezić said that this year four LGBT persons were victims of the crime committed out of hatred.

“Those cases haven’t been qualified as crimes committed out of hatred though. They were qualified as other incidents, that have nothing to do with somebody’s sexual orientation”, said Kalezić.

He hopes that the manner in which competent institutions act will change soon since it clearly sends a message now that “we’re still citizens of second order and that the laws and the rule of law are not the same for us”.



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