Kekovic denies agreeing to lower salaries

The secretary general of the Union of Free Trade Unions (USS) Srdja Kekovic responded to the statement given by the secretary general of the Association of Banks (UBCG) Bratislav Pejakovic who blames USS and the Federation of Independent Trade Unions for terminating the branch collective agreement (GKU) for banks because they didn’t harmonize their attitudes. Kekovic claims that the agreement was terminated on the proposal of bankers in order to relax themselves from cash benefits.

Kekovic was one of the participants in the negotiations regarding this collective agreement.

As he explained, then they received an offer from the bankers that all cash benefits that the employer has to pay to employees (salaries, meal allowances, resources, winter supply allowances, jubilee rewards, one-time financial help…) are reduced by two thirds in comparison to the financial allowances stipulated by valid GKU.

He urged employers and bankers to compile the new GKU for the banking sector on an argued basis.

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