Kovacevic questions state symbols: Changes to national anthem to majority’s satisfaction

Marko Kovačević

Mayor of Niksic Marko Kovacevic told Adria TV yesterday that he respected the symbols of Montenegro in accordance with the law and that he had no problem with them, except for the one concerning the anthem and part of the text, which, as he pointed out, was written by war criminal and NDH official Sekula Drljevic.

He believes that it should be considered to change this part of the text of the anthem.

“I think that in the future, we should think about changing the text of the anthem. It is not even part of the constitutional changes, but of the legal ones, so it does not require any changes to the Constitution, but to the law”, said Kovacevic.

According to him, no one is demanding that the anthem of Montenegro be changed, but only part of the text written by the war criminal Drljevic.

“I think we can agree on what those final verses should look like”, Kovacevic said.

Asked if in the coming period there could be a talk about changing the last two verses of the national anthem in Parliament, Kovacevic pointed out that the most important thing was not to repeat the mistakes of the predecessors.

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