Krivokapić: Leposavić expressed his personal position on Srebrenica, and he wasn’t entitled to that

PM Zdravko Krivokapić has said during PMQs that once Minister of Justice, Human and Minority Rights Vladimir Leposavić is dismissed, which is expected in Parliament, there can be no question of Government reshuffling if one minister is laid off. He has added that Minister Leposavić expressed his personal position on Srebrenica, and that he didn’t have the right to do that.

He believes that officials who took apartments and loans on favorable terms, should return the money and thus prove that they are patriots.

PM Krivokapić claims that this Government has not shut down the Montenegro Airlines.

Speaking about the draft budget, he has said that the best technologies and techniques were used in the proposed budget.

PM Krivokapić stresses that in order to solve other structural problems, but also the problem of unemployment, a new package of support measures for the Q2 will be adopted at the cabinet meeting on 29 April.

He has stated that the Government decided to buy 2 planes which were engaged in operational leasing in Montenegro Airlines.

The Prime Minister has announced that the text of amendments to the Law on Registers of Residence and Stay, with a report after the public debate which is still ongoing, will be submitted to the Parliamentary Committee on Reform of Electoral and Other Legislation, and that the same will be done with the Decision on Criteria to determine the conditions for acquiring Montenegrin citizenship.

With that decision, he adds, no re-engineering – genetical or ethnical is done, but injustice is corrected.

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