LGBTIQ activists soon to march for rights in MNE

Danijel Kalezić

The sixth annual Podgorica Pride Parade is going to be organized by the end of summer, and it will include 49 gays and lesbians and their supporters, Queer Montenegro’s director, Danijel Kalezić, said.

“We still haven’t agreed on the date and I believe this topic will be discussed next week, when we are about to make a decision. We’re definitely sure the Pride Parade will be organized by the end of summer in Podgorica, and once again we’ll be marching demanding freedom for all the LGBITQ people,” Kalezić said proudly.

When asked whether they expected support of key government representatives, bearing in mind no one from the government appeared in last year’s Pride, Kalezić told last year the Organizational Committee didn’t invite them to come.

“The Organizational Committee didn’t invite them because we wanted to see the extent of their support when there was no any pressure. In the end, we saw they themselves didn’t really want to support us.”

“We believe every representative of the government should perform duties by contributing to all groups of society, including LGBTIQ, and they shouldn’t be ashamed coming to Pride,“ noted Kalezić.

Homosexuality remains a hot issue in the socially conservative country, as it does elsewhere in the Balkan region, according to him. “We should do a lot more to accept the LGBT persons in Montenegro. That would be the most significant thing for all lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgender and queer persons, so that they can live freely and openly.”



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