LIVE: COVID-19 and Montenegro

There are 249 persons infected with coronavirus in Montenegro. Around 7,294 persons are under sanitary watch. The majority of the infected persons are from Podgorica.

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A marvelous picture was recorded today in the Institute “Simo Milošević” in Igalo. Persons in quarantine decided to express gratitude to Montenegro by hosting state flags on the balconies of the Institute.


Healthcare system has been provided with enough medical equipment for the forthcoming period. We have got 136 ventilators and we are waiting for more, Minister of Health, Mr Kenan Hrapović, said.


A group of the European Investment Bank will provide €12,5 billion to the countries outside the EU as support for mitigation of consequences of the coronavirus pandemic.


Operational unit of the Ministry of Interior organized return for 59 Montenegrin nationals to from the Benelux countries to their homeland.


Armed Forces of Montenegro visited Bijelo Polje and carried out decontamination of the General Hospital and Healthcare center.


Municipal Protection and Rescue Team of the Municipality of Berane decided to close the trip area near Jasikovac monument park as well as four town parks.


Assistant director of the Institute for Public Health, Dr Senad Begić, said at the media conference today that they were satisfied with the functioning of all services in the healthcare system .


A total of 249 persons infected with coronavirus in Montenegro. After 140 analyses, Institute for Public Health confirmed one more case.



Vice-President of the Government and Minister of Agriculture, Mr Milutin Simović, said during the video conference of ministers of agriculture of the WB countries that new non-customs ideas shouldn’t be introduced.


Situation with the new coronavirus has complicated the operations of the Uniprom Aluminum Plant, said general manager of the company, Mr Nebojša Dožić.


Thanks to the donation of the Football Association of Montenegro, Lovćen insurance and Urion company, three new ventilators have been installed in the Clinical Center of Montenegro. Director of the Clinical Center of Montenegro, Dr Jevtor Eraković, thanked for the generous donation.



Contents of #Učidoma project will be available on mobile application for all operative systems, Ministry of Education reports.



Medical equipment, prepared by the Ministry of Health of Turkey, has been sent to Montenegro and another four countries battling with coronavirus epidemic.



Management team of the “Voli” company, consisting of 12 members, has donated €10.000 to the National Coordination Body.



Secretary General of the Association of Banks, Mr Bratislav Pejaković, says that banks haven’t got extra profit, as there’s no increase in nominal interest, no penalty interest, no charges for the new annuity plan. He points out that moratorium on loans was approved in only 12 countries. Commenting on negative views on the moratorium, Mr Pejaković explains that there are many interpretations which he would like to be product of insufficient amount of information and lack of understanding. He adds that negative campaign is much more appealing.



Socialist People’s Party thinks that additional package of support measures must be adopted as soon as possible.


Embassy of Serbia in Podgorica and General Consulate of that country in Herceg Novi, with competent institutions in Serbia and Montenegro, organized today departure of 150 nationals who had priority need to come back to their homeland.


Mr Hajrudin Ledini, originally from Rođaje, living and working in Germany, has donated €10.000 to Montenegro to support fight against coronavirus.


Directors of centers for social welfare and institutions of social and children’s protection have donated 50% of their salary.


Head of the Infectious department of General hospital in Berane, Dr Milovan Živković, said during the 5th session of the Municipal Protection and Rescue Team of the Municipality of Berane that four persons positive for coronavirus had been admitted in the hospital and that they were all stable.


Ever since Tuzi got into lockdown, donations have been rolling in to this municipality.


Medical equipment prepared by the Ministry of Health of Turkey has been sent to Montenegro and another four countries battling coronavirus epidemic.


Ban on leaving residential units from 7 pm to 5 am was mostly defied by residents of Nikšić. Police arrested nine persons in this town.


After another series of testing, Institute of Public Health confirms there are now 248 infected persons in Montenegro.



General health condition of all healthcare workers in isolation is good, said Minister of Health, Mr Kenan Hrapović.



Montenegro Airlines special flight will bring 90 Montenegrin nationals from Luxembourg.


No person has been infected with coronavirus in public institution home of the elderly in Risan, Pljevlja and Bijelo Polje, licensed home Duga, Komanski kost, Ljubović center and Children’s home Mladost in Bijela, said Mr Suad Numanović, president of the healthcare committee.


Public utility inspection will engage in addressing the problem of beggars who keep begging for money in the streets of Podgorica despite orders.



I stopped talking about the virus I have and that’s one of the ways tom deal with the isolation, says a woman from Vuksanlekić, one of the 35 residents of Tuzi infected with COVID-19.


If Government fails to put forward a set of support measures in due time, they won’t have any effect, said president of the administrative board of the Employers’ Union, Mr Predrgar Mitrović.



President of the Municipality of Jolašin, Mr Milosav Bato Bulatović, visited yesterday Healthcare center and the employees in the institution stating that he is satisfied with capacities, protective equipment, doctors and medical staff and their response to the coronavirus.


A group of functionaries from Budva, Mr Nikola Jovanović, chief of the cabinet of the president of the municipality, Mr Mladen Mikijelj, secretary of the secretariat for investments, Mr Dragan Božović, head of the Protection and Rescue Service and Mr Predrag Ivanović, president of Bečići local community are facing criminal charges because they infringed measures adopted with the aim of preventing spread of the coronavirus.


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