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Since the start of the coronavirus outbreak, a total of 322 cases have been registered in Montenegro. There are currently 82 active cases whereas 233 persons have recovered. Seven persons tested positive for the virus have passed away.

Starting from Monday, 4 May, shops, crafts, services, hairdresser’s and cosmetic salons, fitness centers, bookstores, dentist’s, driving schools, rent-a car services, museums and galleries, betting places etc. will resume their work under special conditions. Wearing masks will be required indoors.

Coronavirus in Montenegro: new reported cases/total number of cases by day/number of recovered coronavirus persons and number of currently infected persons

All the day’s developments in Montenegro’s Covid-19 crisis


Dr Milko Joksimović and his wife, Irena, are frontline staff of the Public Health Institute. They go home when circumstances allow, where their three-year-old daughter, Jana, is waiting to see them.


A 63-year-old patient infected with Covid-19 has died today at the intensive care unit of the Clinical Center of Montenegro, they reported.

A 63-year-old Covid-19 patient dies in Podgorica


As of this morning, the Public Health Institute’s labs have analyzed 43 specimens and detected no new Covid-19 cases.

No new coronavirus cases for third day in row in Montenegro


Since the start of the coronavirus outbreak, the Red Cross of Montenegro provided assistance for 21.150 families and individuals across the country, they stated today.


Advisor to deputy prime minister of the Government of Montenegro, Mr Vatroslav Belan, noted that we’d won the first battle in the war against the coronavirus, stressing the significance of the aid of Montenegro’s great friends and partners in the continuation of the fight against the virus.


Another contingent of humanitarian aid from Mr Jack Ma, the Alibaba Group founder, and Mr Petros Stathis, the owner of Adriatic Properties, is to arrive in Montenegro today – it was announced in the latest tweet from Montenegro’s prime minister, Mr Duško Marković.


All elementary and high schools across Montenegro were sent instructions for grading, that is, clear guidelines for grading the fourth quarter and final grades, education minister, Mr Damir Šehović, noted, reflecting on the grading of pupils’ work while learning from home.


The police filed criminal charges against 24 people for violating measures yestreday.


Latest research conducted by Ipsos alongside UNICEF, taking a national sample of parents with children from 4 to 17 years of age, suggests that during the coronavirus pandemic, parents supported their children’s media literacy to a significantly larger level, as they were managing their kids’ screen time and following the content they [the children] were watching on the TV and the internet, but the number of parents restricting the content on the media hasn’t increased.


After another 117 specimens were analyzed in the labs of the Public Health Institute, no new coronavirus cases were reported this morning. Since the start of the virus outbreak, a total of 322 cases have been registered in Montenegro.

No new cases of Covid-19: More recovered in Montenegro than still infected


The long-standing journalist and observer of Reuters, Mr Jakša Šćekić, says the European Union, EU, won’t give up on the Western Balkans despite the coronavirus pandemic, all the chaos and the growing impact of China. Germany’s EU presidency gives hope that Europe will manage to consolidate and respond to challenges that lie ahead.

European Union won’t give up on the WB


Response to the coronavirus pandemic was timely and adequate. Everyone reacted efficiently and in a coordinated manner. Now a great challenge lies ahead – how to overcome the financial crisis – whereas innovations and strengthening of the IT sector play an important role in that process, science minister, Ms Sanja Damjanović, assessed in an interview for Pobeda daily.

Science and innovation should serve as drivers of traditional industries


In an interview for Dnevne Novine daily, president of the Chamber of Commerce, Mr Vlastimir Golubović, assessed that the govt showed a high degree of respect for the industry’s requests, which has been recognized in the first two parts of taken measures. The measures, according to him, were adequate, aiming to preserve liquidity and jobs. The special attention should be put on encouraging the development of industrial capacities.

Golubović: We must stimulate the economic development



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