Ljiljana Popović Moškov has resigned as Vice-President of the Municipality of Kotor

Ljiljana Popović Moškov

Vice-President of the Municipality of Kotor, Ljiljana Popović Moškov, has informed the public that she resigned. She explained that she had done that because of substantial differences in viewing the manner the government in Kotor should be organized.

“I’ve been pointing that out repeatedly in the last year. Certain coalition partners have been dealing with blackmails and obstructing regular sessions. Also, due to your inadequate behavior in specific situations, functioning of the local government has been blocked and our functions have become completely senseless”, said Mrs Popović Moškov in her resignation.

She stressed that the municipality of Kotor hasn’t got its budget adopted for 2019.

“It hasn’t adopted the Program of spatial planning, it’s constantly losing profit due to decisions and plans it hasn’t adopted yet. We’ve entered the program of temporary financing, the Municipality is unable to fulfill any of its obligations, and that’s humiliating”, points out Popović Moškov.

She said that she didn’t feel responsible for such situation.

“I believe that I did my job professionally, in good faith, responsibly, while fully respecting regulations and laws, and the results achieved are the proof for that”, said Popović Maškov.

According to her, there are only two ways for Kotor and Montenegro.

“One way is the way of lawlessness, irresponsible economic policy, corruption, and alike. The other way is much more difficult – full of responsibility, hard work, professional behavior and rule of law”.

Without doubt, the second way is the only right way. However, she doesn’t see herself as part of some new dysfunctional and unprincipled team.

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