Luštica Bay is looking for a partner and supplier for mobile application development

Foto: Lustica Bay Logo

Luštica Development AD, a subsidiary of Orascom Development Holding, located in Novo Naselje bb, Radovići, Tivat, is looking for a partner and supplier for the development of Luštica Bay mobile applications, offered as a service to the homeowners and guests in the destination, and business applications as part of the digital transformation process, content improvement, and service quality.

The platform and initial settings of the Luštica Bay application have already been developed, and as part of our future plan, we are looking to improve and upgrade previously developed application, to deliver additional services and services of the best quality and develop a business application using available technologies and tools, like REST architecture, MySQL database, Kotlin development language, Laravel, Flutter or Swift and Android Studio.

The minimum requirements that potential partners need to meet are the following:

1. The minimum number of full-time developers must be 50.

2. Annual turnover for the last 2 years, minimum 1.000,000 euros.

3. At least one application published on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

If you meet the above requirements and think you can contribute to this project, send us an email to [email protected] which will contain the following information: Company name, company address, number of employees, annual turnover for the last 2 years, detailed portfolio of projects you have worked on (to be sent as attachment to the e-mail), references (to be sent as attachment to the e-mail), employee biographies containing work experience with required technologies (to be sent as attachment to the e-mail), any additional information you consider relevant to the project. We kindly ask all interested potential associates to send the necessary information to the specified email address no later than Friday, May 20th, 2022.

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