MA significant for development of Montenegrin economy

Montenegro Airlines

Commercial director of Montenegro Airlines (MA) Dragan Popovic stated the contribution of the national air company, Montenegro Airlines, to Montenegrin economy amounted to between €150m and €200m annually. He added that this company represents an important source of the country’s economic growth.

“Study reveals that MA has contributed to Montenegrin tourism industry during summer (1 June-30 September) – nearly €120m, and when it comes to an annual level, total MA contribution to Montenegrin economy amounts to €150m and €200m respectively” Popovic told to Mina news agency.

MA has conducted a market research which revealed that passengers mostly travelled as tourists, and the air fares were the reason for choosing the national airline company, explained Popovic.

As for the passengers’ level of satisfaction, 94,5 of respondents answered “very good” and “excellent” and 96% said they would like to fly with Montenegro Airlines again.

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