Major European and regional airports in the arms of concessionaires

Aerodrom Hitrou

The majority of European airports as well as airports from the region was given on concession and they are now managed by joint-stock companies.  In the case of France and the Netherlands, the state has the most shares in the management operators. However, in other countries, the situation is different .

As far as the region is concerned, the majority of airports has either been given on concession or sold – in Slovenia, for instance. Serbia signed the concession agreement with the French Vansi corporation, for the airport “Nikola Tesla”. Serbia own 83% of the shares of that airport.

The biggest and the most important airport on Croatia, “Franjo Tuđman” is mostly owned by the state (55%). Around 35% is owned by the Capital of Zagreb and the remaining 10% are owned by Velika Gorica and Zagrebačka županija ( 5% each). This airport has been on concession since 2012.

“Jože Pučnik” airport in Ljubljana was sold in 2014 to the German company “Fraport”.

Airport in Skopje, officially known as “Aleksandar Veliki” has been managed by the Turkish company “TAV” which obtained the concession for 20 years.

“Heathrow” airport in London is the busiest airport according to the number of passengers in the air traffic. It’s owned by “BAA”.

Airport “Fiumicio” or “Leonardo da Vinci” in Rome, is the biggest airport in Italy and the sixth in Europe. It’s managed by the company “Aeroporti di Roma” (ADR) which will have the concession until 2044.

Airport in the German city of Dusseldorf is partly owned by the city and partly by different companies.

The state also has its share in the operator managing airport in Frankfurt, but not the majority ownership though. This airport is the busiest in Germany and the third in Europe.  It’s managed by the joint-stock company “Fraport”, Holding Frankfurt, Lufthanza and LagMason and owners of 34,2% of the capital are physical persons.

Aiport “Charles de Gaulle” in Paris is the seventh busiest airport in the world and the second in Europe with more than 60 million passengers a year. It’s owned by the company “Aeroports de Paris” (ADP)founded in 1945  as state-owned corporation.

Airport in Amsterdam is owned by “Sipol” group and it owns three more Dutch airports.

Government of Montenegro planned to give its Airports on concession for the period of 25 or 30 years. The Prime Minister Duško Marković said yesterday that the Government wouldn’t sell the Airports. On the other side, members of Social Democrats think concession would limit the development of Airports and they disagree with the decision.

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