Maliqi: Montenegro has nothing to fear from Albania and Kosovo

Albania and Kosovo will not try to take away any Montenegrin territories, said advisor to the Albanian Prime Minister Shkelzen Maliqi for Pobjeda.

“The idea of Greater Albania is not an official policy of either Albania or Kosovo. It might be present as an ideology of fringe groups. The idea of Albania and Kosovo uniting has more supporters, although this is not a priority idea. The official policy is to unite Albanians under EU flag“, Maliqi said. He is one of the most respected Albanian and Yugoslavian intellectuals and philosophers.

He said that Ivica Dačić is a personification of contradictions of Serbian politics that is best expressed through “Both EU and Kosovo“, “Both EU and Rusija“ mantras.

“They want EU integration, but also want to keep control over Kosovo, which they lost in 1999“, he said.

Maliqi said that he expected that France would let Ramush Haradinaj on bail, because he was charged for war crimes twice, and both time he was released. He said he does not expect France to extradite him to Serbia.

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