Marković: Dačić’s statement is rude and not worthy of any comments

Marković u Draču

Statement made by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Serbia, Ivica Dačić, that he is worried about the discrimination of Serbs in Montenegro is rude, said Duško Marković, Prime Minister of Montenegro, during the informal meeting of prime ministers of Western Balkans held in Durrës.

“That statement is not true and is rude. That’s all I can say about that”, said Marković.

Two days ago, Dačić spoke to the president of New Serb Democracy (NOVA), Andrija Mandić, and said that he was afraid  of the potential existence of organized political action aimed against Serbs in Montenegro. He was also concerned that the citizens of Montenegro suffer tortures inflicted on them by Montenegrin judiciary and prosecutor’s office.

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