Marković: Housing policy will be crucial as long as I am head of Government

Our housing policy isn’t recent. Government has been settling housing issues in the same manner for decades. Questioning this issue is pure manipulation. As long as I am head of this Government, housing policy will be crucial, said Prime Minister, Mr Duško Marković, answering questions of journalists.

Mr Marković  pointed out that everybody should acquire property in a lawful way.

“Functionaries register their property in the Anti-Corruption agency. Data are available to the public. Therefore, if somebody has acquired illegally acquired property, he/she will be properly punished”, said Mr Marković.

Government is always there to help socially vulnerable groups.

“I am responsible for my part of the Government. I have never hidden anything. Government invests in pension fund every year. Why are you so focused on one thing only, try to be more objective”, said Mr Marković.

He touched on the question of technical government that requested by opposition.

“Technical government cannot exist outside of what program responsibilities of the government. Technical government, the way they see it, would be dealing with elections. Government has to deal with development, budget, salaries. We can’t talk about technical government”, said Mr Marković.

PM commented on the creation of military training ground on Sinjajevina.

“Military training ground was defined by strategic documents. As far as national security and defense system are concerned, we are going to undertake activities in that field that regardless of pressure. We do not endanger environment, we protect it. Give me an example of a devastated space in Europe or in Montenegro. There’s no danger for the environment here”, says Mr Marković.


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