Marković: Montenegro is in a very intense development phase

Marković u Dubrovniku

Economic cooperation between China and 16 countries of Europe should be strengthened, as concluded today at the Summit 16+1 held in Dubrovnik. Prime Minister, Duško Marković, said that Montenegro was in a very intense development phase, with a clear vision, in accordance with the priorities and commitments.

“We consider the cooperation between countries of Central and East Europe and China very successful and very significant, with potentials to be developed and exploited”, said the PM.

During the 8th Summit of heads of the Government of China and countries of Central and Eastern Europe, Mr Marković pointed out important economic parameters of development while adding that Montenegro is working devotedly on following the European agenda.

He reminded that a very significant part of policy of Montenegro was based on the improvement of infrastructure and connection, FDI, development of energy sector based on renewable energy resources, tourism, agriculture, development of small and medium enterprises…

“Cooperation in those domains within the 16+1 is very important for us”, said the PM.

Speaking about the infrastructure and connection, the PM put special emphasis on the Port in Bar. Montenegro wants to use the potentials of this strategic resource and make it at disposal of trade exchange between Europe and Asia.

“This port represents huge economic and investment opportunity and it can be very useful maritime and traffic hub in achievement of our objectives”, said the PM.

He also spoke about the most important infrastructure project in Montenegro and the completion of the first section of the highway. Simultaneously with the current works on  finishing the first section, works on the construction of the next two sections are being intensified. Grants for this project have already been earmarked – they amount €5,49 million.

“I invite all the companies from your countries to express their interest for the implementation of this project, in cooperation with the Government of Montenegro and in the form of public and private partnership”, said the PM.

He thanked the countries that took part in 16+1 Summit on their support to the initiative of the Ministry of Culture aimed at considering the possibilities of opening 16+1 hub of creative industries in Montenegro.

“The main objective of this initiative is the creation of work conditions and accommodation for the artists from 16+1 countries which will enable them to exchange their ideas and to cooperate and create new creative products in a very inspiring environment and atmosphere”, said Marković.

Heads of governments of countries of Central and Eastern Europe and China have welcomed the cooperation achieved through the 16+1 Mechanism so far. They expressed strong desire for the continuation and strengthening of their interactions. They particularly pointed out the cooperation in the field of energy, infrastructure, transport, tourism, as well as finance and digitalization.

President of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China, Li Keqiang, said that the importance of cooperation within 16+1 was confirmed. He believes that the cooperation within 16+1 would contribute to greater balance of development in Europe and that, by the end of next year, the objective of $100 billion dollars in trade exchange would be achieved.

Greece, as new Member of the Mechanism, was welcomed during the summit.


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