Marković: There are those who would like to turn Patriarch’s statement into a major conflict

Prime Minister, Duško Markoivć, said that he won’t respond to the statement of Patriarch Irinej who said that the position of Serbs in Montenegro today is similar to that in the former Independent State of Croatia.  He is loud and clear – Montenegro won’t revise the decision on NATO membership and it won’t withdraw the decisions on the recognition of some countries.

Patriarch Irinej won’t apologize for what he said about the position Serbian people and the church have in Montenegro.

“There are those who would like to turn that statement into a global conflict. This is not an appropriate moment to send even more insulting words as a response. We will keep building dignity of Montenegro strongly and confidently. That’s not about verbal conflicts but systematic and responsible reinforcement of institutions”, says Marković.

Marković points out that the Law on religious freedoms must be taken into consideration as soon as possible in order to tackle that issue in our country.

He is sure that the Government will propose that law.

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