Marković to the management of Airports: Your job is to manage them, until your term of office expires

Prime Minister, Duško Marković, refused to comment on the statements made by the representatives of he Airports Management regarding the announcements of the valorization. Instead, he told them to do their job – manage Montenegrin Airports until their term of office expires. He explained that Airports are not going to be sold.  They will be on concession, for 25 or 30 years.

“The Government decided to valorize the airports through concession. It is necessary since they are important for the growth in tourism and the entire economy. But I’d like to stress this one more time. We’re not selling Airports. The media write that we’re selling state property. No, it’s a concession. It’s a lawful procedure, implemented in several phases”, says Marković.

According to Marković, there’s still enough time so that everybody can get the clear picture of the model that is proposed, and advantages thereof.

“I have no doubts that Montenegro should move this way because it will be beneficial for our economy. Those who won’t change anything should stay on the other side of the stage and criticize,  but I will be ready to discuss all dilemmas they have regarding this concept”, said Marković.

Minister of Transport, Osman Nurković, said at the beginning of August that the Government decided to offer Airports concession. The plan is to realize the potential of Airports because current situation fails to satisfy the needs of the country and the citizens.

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