Medenica: Secret surveillance measures revealed someone extremely important in today’s judiciary, I will decide when I will say something

Vesna Medenica

It is disputed whether the messages found in the phone are mine, said Vesna Medenica, former president of the Supreme Court of Montenegro and now accused. The Special State Prosecutor’s Office previously launched an investigation into the messages that were recently published in the media, and which were from Vesna Medenica’s mobile phone. She disputes the authenticity of the material from the Special State Prosecutor’s Office and the fact that the evidence was collected in a valid manner.

“It is highly disputed whether those are my messages. The phone was not confiscated, I voluntarily handed it over and gave the user code”, said Medenica, guesting on the Nacisto talk-show on Vijesti TV.

The journalist was interested in why she did not give the code to the police, but to the Prosecutor’s Office.

“I know the procedure – a record must be created, two witnesses must be present, in order for that phone to be opened; it was just because of the procedure”, Medenica explained.

In order to open the phone, there must be a court order. Medenica claimed that her iPhone arrived at the National Security Agency (ANB) without a court order.

The journalist noted that there was a suspicion in the Prosecutor’s Office that the search revealed that two applications – Signal and Telegram – had been deleted, and that was why the Prosecutor’s Office asked ANB to restore the applications.

Medenica still claims to be a victim of political retaliation.

She also claims that the investigation against her was conducted unilaterally, and that she was not given the right to participate.

“All the witnesses were heard, and neither I nor my lawyer knew when a witness would be heard”, said Medenica, among other things.

She added that, although her files were requested during her entire stay in prison, none of them were delivered.

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