Mesić: Montenegro has overcome great challenges

Stjepan Mesić

In an interview with Dnevne Novine daily, former President of Croatia, Stjepan Mesić, 84, assessed that Montenegro has overcome considerable challenges and that it would most certainly become the next EU member state. The EU had to be more resolute in resolving problems in the Western Balkans, Mr Mesić noted.

“I think that there are certain unsolved issues that the institutions within the countries must solve. As for Montenegro, it has overcome great challenges and, in my opinion, has a clear prospect of joining the EU. It’s significant that your institutions function well so that you don’t have any problems.”

The EU has to pay more attention to our region and reconciliation represents the only way for the Western Balkans to enter the European society, according to Mr Mesić. Former Croatia President claimed relations between MNE and CRO has always been good, maybe even the best ones when compared to the situation with other former Yugoslav countries.

He continued: “We had an extraordinary cooperation with your President, Mr Milo Đukanović, and we were resolving the first most important issue when there was the state union of Serbia-Montenegro. We were on our path towards reconciliation.”

Ex-President Mesić noted that Europe had to be united as it was the only way for it to remain one of the biggest players at the international scene.





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